Gravitational Wave Localization and Pointings: S190829u [GraceDB]


Pointing Status

Detectors L1,V1
Time of Signal 2019-08-29 21:05:56.283727 UTC
False Alarm Rate once per 6.15 years
Distance 157.208 +/- 45.011 Mpc
Classification (CBC Only)
BNS 0.0
NSBH 0.0
Mass Gap 0.896875357947
BBH 0.0
Terrestrial 0.103124642053
Has NS 1.0
Has Remnant 1.0

Coverage Calculator

Calculate the coverage of the GW localization over time, with choices to limit the coverage calculation to particular sets of instruments, wavelengths, or depth. All fields are optional, but cuts on depths must have an associated unit. If an empty form is submitted, the total reported coverage regardless of depth or band is computed. Once a HEALPIX pixel has been first covered, it is marked as done, to avoid double counting probability when the same field is covered multiple times. After clicking, be patient, it may take up to 20 seconds to fully compute the coverage profile.
Instrument Band Depth Depth Unit