Observatory Statuses

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing closure of many astronomical facilities around the world. Below is a list of the status of various observatories, contributed by the community.
We encourage members of the astronomical community to add any information they may have to this list.
The list can be edited, or added to, here. We ask that you only change the status of an Observatory if you know FOR A FACT that the listed status is incorrect.

The 'Status' should be interpreted as providing the most useful information to Astronomers regarding whether the observatory is performing observations, and should only reflect whether the site is 'Open' to people/visitors insofar as this may affect the capability to perform observations. Please feel free to use the 'Notes' column liberally.

Any concerns or questions about the information listed here can be directed to: a.tohuvavohu@mail.utoronto.ca
Thank you to Jamison Burke for starting the spreadsheet.